Friday, March 16, 2012

Litter on the Lawn

Four times a day, five days a week, I drive past an industrial plant that specializes in corrugated cardboard packaging. Just north of the plant is a field that, for the last several weeks at least, has been littered with scattered pieces of plastic. I don’t know that it came from the packaging plant, but it’s a reasonable conclusion. If it did come from the plant, then don’t you think they would send somebody out to collect it?

This same plant, for the last week has had a deflated mylar balloon on their front lawn. Nobody could be bothered to pick it up. Today, they had the lawn rolled. Yep, the lawn care workers (they looked like young local men), moving along at a walking pace, drove their rollers right past the balloon as if it weren’t even there. I’m tempted to pull over my car as I drive past this evening, just to pick up the damn balloon!

The culture here is changing, and not for the better. Our communities have long been noted for their cleanliness, which was a product of our civic pride and work ethic. Persistent litter on the lawn, it seems to me, indicates that we are in the process of losing something that we failed to appreciate.

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