Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The Archdiocese of Cincinnati is supposedly engaged in an outreach to lapsed Catholics. It’s being called the ACE program for Advent, Christmas, and Easter – specifically targeted at those nominal Catholics who only show up twice a year. Earlier this year, we were solicited to contribute money to fund the broadcasting of commercials from the Catholics Come Home project. They call these things evangomercials, because they aren’t exactly selling anything in the commercial sense.

We are now less than a week before Christmas, and I have yet to see a single Catholic evangomercial on any of our local broadcast stations out of Dayton, which is pretty squarely in the center of the AoC. Maybe I’m watching at the wrong time, or maybe they’re waiting for cheaper advertising rates after Christmas, or maybe they’re concentrating their efforts way down south in Cincinnati.

I have, however, seen an evangomercial for the Salvation Army, and I was impressed. I liked it.

Below are a couple of Salvation Army evangomercials, as well as couple of the Catholics Come Home evangomercials that I hope to see soon.

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