Thursday, April 5, 2012

An App for the Hours

Up until last week, we had two computers in our home: a new one, running Windows 7 and an older Windows XP box. The old computer started getting temperamental this year, and last week it finally gave up the ghost. We had a lot of files on that computer that we’ll have to try to salvage from the hard drive.

One of the first things that it became necessary to do was to install iTunes on the new computer, so that I could continue to listen to all the latest podcasts. One consequence of switching computers was the need to rebuild a library. In this case, all our old apps (for those of you in Rio Linda, app is short for application, a small program designed to run on smart phones, tablet computers, or, in my case, an iPod Touch) went out the window – goodbye, Angry Birds, you won’t be missed!

And that’s how I discovered the most amazing app that didn’t cost me a penny. It’s the iBreviary. The iBreviary puts at your fingertips all of the prayers for the Liturgy of the Hours (aka the Divine Office aka the Breviary), the readings and prayers for the mass of the day (including antiphons and Collect), and various lectures, prayers, and rites.

I’ve discovered that, given a choice between praying the Hours with my iPod or my prayer book, I’m opting for the iPod. With the book, I have to shuffle across ribbons and flip back pages to re-read antiphons. With the iBreviary, all I have to do is scroll.

It’s simply wonderful, and I have the death of a computer to thank for it.

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit---when I see you standing in the kitchen (seems like the only quiet place in the house) I forget that you're praying--not playing. BUT, I'm glad that something good came out of loosing our old computer becasue I really miss the simplicity of receiving and sending emails--this having to get on NKTelco website just to check out emails SUCK!!!!