Friday, January 16, 2009

In Need of Grace

My daily routine lately has consisted of saying Morning Prayer (Lauds) immediately on rising from bed. After that, I'll prepare my breakfast and slide over to the computer for my morning meditation. I get the meditations e-mailed to me, but they're also available online.

Each meditation includes a reading of the day's gospel, an introductory prayer and pledge, and then two or three points for meditation. The meditation concludes with a prayer of conversation with Christ and a resolution for the day.

I admit that I haven't been very good at keeping the resolutions -- just one of the many things that I have to work on. Today's resolution was "I will make a sacrifice today for the person most in need of God’s grace." When I read that, my mind started leaping to people that I thought needed God's grace, mainly because they didn't see things the way that I see them.

It didn't take me long to correct myself. Who is most in need of God's grace? That'd be me.

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