Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Calendar Confusion

After being surprised by the Memorial of Saint Timothy and Saint Titus on Monday, I duly noted that today was the Memorial of Saint Thomas Aquinas. I even noted to the lovely Amy last night that, even though today was an obligatory memorial, I was going to read the gospel for the Ordinary Time weekday, just for continuity’s sake. I thought that my calendar confusion was over. I was wrong.

For Morning Prayer, I found that I had to flip to practically every page in the book! The Memorial page directed me to the Common for Doctors of the Church, which directed my to the Common for priests (I think—I’m typing this from memory), which directed me to the Psalmody for the first Sunday. I didn’t immediately see the Invitatory Antiphon, so I flipped to the third Wednesday and used that one. It was only later that I found the correct antiphon in the Commons section.

My daily gospel meditation is still a day behind, and both the USCCB site and Food for the Journey used the readings for the OT weekday.

It seems that even if I made myself a calendar to keep this all straight, I still wouldn’t be on the same page as everyone else.

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