Tuesday, July 14, 2009

St. Augustine on Islam

One of the fun things about having a blog is being able to see what kind of internet searches land people on your site. I've had several Google referrals that have resulted from people trying to find out what St. Augustine had to say about Islam. Let me make this simple. St. Augustine of Hippo died in the year 430. Muhammad, the founder of Islam, lived from ca. 570 until 632. St. Augustine never wrote anything about Islam, because Islam didn't exist when St. Augustine was alive.

I note this as a public service to those who use internet search engines.


Anonymous said...

I got here doing the search "St. Augustine Islam". I was lucky enough to know about the relevant chronology. Though, I was trying to reach, if any, discussions or writings that compare or relate Augustinian understanding and Islamic theology.

Thanks for this useful remark, though.

Anonymous said...

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was not the founder of Islam... Isalm existed way before that...He was the last messenger of Allah....