Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Archbishop's Retirement

The Dayton Daily News has an article on the retirement of Cincinnati Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk. The lede of the story is that the Archbishop's time at the helm has been marked by scandal and controversy. The only scandal and controversy noted in the body of the story is that of sexual abuse of minors by the clergy and the apparent failure of the American episcopate to recognize and adequately address the problem. I found the story, although brief, to be fairly even-handed, despite the sensationalist headline.

What was anything but even-handed were the comments. They made me appreciate the level of discourse and civility that is found on the blogs that I read. I hope that the commenters are not representative of the inhabitants of the Archdiocese (Catholic and non-Catholic).

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Father Schnippel said...

newspaper comboxes are the lowest form of communication on the planet, really vile stuff in there, especially when regards the Church. I guess it is sorta some backhanded badge of honor that they continue to feel the need to bask us. When they start to ignore us, then we have real problems