Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dean Koontz at Catholic Exchange

There's a short interview with author Dean Koontz over at Catholic Exchange. Some highlights:

On Catholicism:

I did become engaged, more and more as the years went by, by the intellectual rigor that lies behind the Catholic Church. A lot of people will possibly laugh at that but if you know St. Thomas Aquinas and some of the other famous writers of the Church — or laymen who wrote brilliantly from a Catholic perspective like G.K. Chesterton — then you understand what I’m talking about. There is a deep intellectual basis behind it and that always appealed to me.

On Special Needs Children:

I’ve featured Down Syndrome kids in books at times and I’ve gotten literally thousands of letters from people who have Down’s children. Every single one of them says, “This was the best thing that happened to me.” They’re not pretending; they’re not trying to make the best of a bad situation. They’re saying it really was a tremendous benefit to their lives.


Anonymous said...

Having Erin is the BEST thing that had happened to me, or should I say us!!

dancingcrane said...

Koontz' work is a true gift. I avoided the mystery/horror genre for decades, because of the bleak meaninglessness in most of it. Turns out Koontz doesn't like that stuff either....

Reading "Odd Thomas" and "From the Corner of His Eye", to name just two, gave me a deeper, richer religious experience than most of the theology I've read in the past 30 years. Mystical and moral theology, and spiritual warfare, has rarely come in a package like this.

Rather than glamorizing evil, he shows how banal, desperate, and futile it is. Rather than cardboard good guys, he shows us people who live, beautifully, vividly, even in the midst of trouble.

And God always wins in the end.