Sunday, December 7, 2008

Honoring Our Troops

My Knights of Columbus council had its annual charities banquet this afternoon. As the meal was nearing completion, we received words that a busload of returning soldiers was coming through town. Nearly the whole hall filed out and lined the street as the bus, with police, sheriff, and fire department escort drove north through town. All along the state route, people had come out, many with their American flags, to cheer for and thank the returning troops.

It was touching to see the public response for these men and women who had placed themselves in harm's way in service to their country. Ultimately, they did it to protect the way of life -- the rights and liberties -- that we enjoy here in west central Ohio. There are many of us who believe that defending liberty half a world away is directly related to the security of liberty here at home. If you're free to speak your mind, read what you like, and worship according to your conscience, thank a member of the military!

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