Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not Quite Like Elizabeth

When I saw the headline last week about a 70 year-old woman giving birth, my first impulse was to send a quick email to a friend with 11 children whose mid-forties wife is expecting number 12. Looks like she could have another 25 years of fertility, I was going to say.

But I paused to read the story and found that the conception was not exactly natural. Rather, it took place through invitro fertilization. I feel for those who have not been blessed with children, but I'm certain that it didn't happen this way with Sara, Hannah, or Elizabeth.

I know that much of the world, even those who profess to be Catholics, do not accept the Church's moral position on life issues such as invitro fertilization, contraception, and abortion. I pray that hearts will be softened to see that children are not a "right"; that sex, marriage, and parenthood are intimately connected; and that every human life has inherent dignity.

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