Friday, December 5, 2008

My Memory

I am often frustrated by the gaps in my own memory. I fear that I would make a lousy witness in a court of law. It seems as though I can remember insignificant details of events that don't matter, but remember very little about things that should be, to borrow a phrase from John Kerry, seared into my memory. So, for instance, I remember absolutely nothing from my first communion. I don't remember my high school graduation. I don't remember my wedding ceremony (although I do remember a few small details from the reception).

My memory makes it difficult to do theological reflection, and relevant personal anecdotes are few and far between. I've chosen to conclude that it means that I live in the moment. The past is behind me, the future ahead. It doesn't matter what I did yesterday, what matters is what I do today and tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

It does make it very difficult to argue with him about something that had happened last week!

Kurt said...

You get off easy. All you have to do is ask for one example of when you were anything less than a perfect wife, and I'm left speechless! You win every argument.