Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dressing Better

On my drive into work, I usually listen to NPR's Morning Edition. Recently, they had a segment about how employees are putting more time and effort into looking professional as they go about their business. Follow the link to listen to the four-minute segment.

Among other things discussed, you hear the assertion that dressing professionally helps to instill in the individual a more professional attitude. You sometimes hear the same argument made regarding school uniforms. "You feel more professional if you're not wearing the same clothes that you wear to lounge about on the sofa to watch TV in the eveings in. . . . If you dress smart, if you take a bit of time to dress, you're kind of psyching yourself into a work frame of mind." The death of casual Friday could be close behind.

If casual Friday was a disaster of an experiment, then I certainly think that casual Sunday was even more so. If how we dress for work affects are mental attitude at work, then the same would certainly hold true for how we dress for worship. We ought not be dressing for the Supper of the Lamb in the same way that we dress for the ballgame or barbeque.

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