Saturday, November 29, 2008

Be Vigilant . . . and Pray

As I noted in my last post, things are going really well right now. I'm trying to take as much advantage of it as I can, because I know that it won't last. Eventually, the consolations will dry up, and even if my overall situation is the same, I won't feel it.

Today's gospel seemed to be appropriate for me. I have to beware that my heart does not become drowsy in these good times. I also have to beware that, with the national economy continuing to deteriorate, I do not let the anxieties of daily life overtake me. Now, while my resolution is firm, I am trying to develop the habits that will carry me through the next period of darkness.

I know that the darkness will come. It always does. I take comfort in knowing that God's love for me does not depend upon my feeling his love. And so, my love for him is above any emotional response. The devotions that I begin today, while I do feel his love, are easy. They will draw me closer to him, even when I do not feel his presence.

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