Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's In A Name?

"What's with Shadows of Augustine?" my wife wanted to know. "Where did you come up with that for a name?" I explained that I had, in fact, given quite a bit of thought to what I wanted to call my blog. The alternatives that I came up with were either pretentious or dorky. I couldn't even come up with anything that rose to the level of silly.

I settled on Shadows of Augustine for two reasons. First, Augustine is my favorite Church father. I once took an online quiz designed to identify the philosopher whose thought was the most similar to yours. I came out 99% Augustine and 99% Thomas Aquinas. Between the two of them, I find that Augustine has the more compelling biographical narrative.

The second obvious reason is that I belong to St. Augustine parish. I live within walking distance of the church, practically in the shadows of the twin steeples.

It made sense to me, and it satisfied my dear wife. Now any curious readers know too.

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