Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Mass is Sacred

Maybe I'm overly sensitive. Maybe everyone else is not sensitive enough. I hope that it's the latter. I continue to pray for discernment. [UPDATE: I've changed my mind. I'd rather be overly scrupulous than believe that everybody else is apathetic.]

I believe that sacraments and liturgy, and especially the mass, are sacred. Parlor tricks only cheapen what should be transcendent. It's a terrible thing to come home from Sunday mass in a bad mood, but here I am. It's a terrible thing to not want to go to mass out of fear of what the celebrant will introduce into the liturgy.

I'm at the point now where my first preference will be to attend mass at a neighboring parish. I've addressed my complaints to the pastor in the past, to no effect. More than anything else, I am filled with sadness this morning.


Father Schnippel said...

Well, I saw your wife at New Bremen this weekend, hopefully that wasn't the source of your frustrations.....

Kurt said...

Of course not! Amy's presence at Holy Redeemer was a happy effect, not the cause.