Saturday, November 29, 2008

Life Is Good

At least for me. At least for the last three weeks.

Three weeks ago, I transitioned into a new job at work (not a promotion, more of a lateral transfer within the Engineering Department). The job that I’m doing now is the job that I originally interviewed for two years ago. I’m very excited and happy about the change.

Coincidentally (or not), I’ve also been riding a spiritual high. My prayer life has been good, my temptation to sin less, I’ve been able to keep my resolutions, I received spiritual direction . . . I’ve even been exercising regularly.

Thanksgiving Day this year was near-perfect. I rose early, made myself a big breakfast (my favorite meal of the day), then I took my wife and kids along with me to mass. The church was packed, and none of my brood complained! Then off to the extended family party with 100+ packed into a large farmhouse. The introvert in me usually rules on these occasions, but this year I chatted and even initiated some conversations. After lunch, I played a little 5-on-5 football, then came home and played some Nintendo with my son, then Monopoly with three of the kids. And the day was book-ended with Morning and Evening Prayer.

The day was pretty near perfect, even if I woke the next morning with aches and pains from the football game. A little something to offer up, right?

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